Chatting about Earth Day with first graders at Helen Baller Elementary

My co-anchor Brooksley and I sat down with some pretty great 1st graders at Helen Baller to talk about Earth Day, what they love about the Earth and some ideas about how to make it better! Listening to these kids will lift your spirit and hopefully inspire you to take part in keeping our Earth fabulous. Earth Day is April 22nd this year. What will you do on that day and everyday to make this Earth better?

What can you do to make a difference? Get involved! Check it out!

Several of you like myself want to get involved for the future of Camas, Washington. Sharing our ideas and giving a voice to the nature and beauty that surrounds this town. Listen in to this segment of my interview with Mayor Scott Higgins and hear how you can be a part of the future. We must become active and not sit back wishing we had done something. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi

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