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Check here for interviews about all types of things going on in Camas and about events you should be attending.

Helen Baller Elementary Assembly About Community!

I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Helen Baller teachers about what they love about their school community. I put the interviews together and got to present it at their end of year assembly. I am hoping to get young minds...

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Paul Cheek with Rushing Water Yoga Part II

Listen in as Paul shares how his journey began with yoga. He was raising a teenager and looking for something to calm his mind and help him refocus. It helped him balance his emotions and not react so quickly to a situation. Twenty eight...

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Just a Girl in Camas is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded in 2013 which helps connect people and business in the community of Camas, Washington. By promoting local businesses and featuring people doing good things in this great town by video interviews Just a Girl in Camas is helping to make our community thrive.

About Just a Girl in Camas

The mission of Just a Girl in Camas is to bring the Camas community together by helping community members know each other better and believe in the goodness of all humanity, through video interviews, social media, shared spaces, events, and advocacy. Community is about working together to make this city we live in functional and friendly while respecting our neighbors and the beauty of the land around us.

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